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Carol’s Team of Hope: back in action

We are thrilled to have Carol’s Team of Hope back in action as they join us for the annual ABC 7 Gibbons Run.

As both enthusiastic walkers and runners, this team brings great energy and enthusiasm to our event every year.

In addition to being a passionate participant, Team Captain Carol has been a tireless ambassador, raising much-needed funds and promoting our mission to the broader community.

Carol shared with us why running or walking at our event is so important to her.

“I have been an oncology nurse for 30+ years and have been proud to be part of the Leukemia Research Foundation for many of those years.

I started walking with family, patients, and friends in the late 1990s and began running the 5k in 2007. Shortly after that, I formed my team and started fundraising.

My husband, Jim, was my biggest supporter, always there to walk and cheer us on. As an oncology nurse, I saw firsthand how research-based clinical trials led to new treatments that prolong lives and sometimes lead to cures such as in chronic myeloid leukemia.

The ABC7 Gibbons Run was one of the major avenues for the Leukemia Research Foundation to fund new researchers so I was (and am) totally committed to the cause.

Over the years, I treated many people diagnosed with leukemia but I was somewhat unprepared when my own husband was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer.

I had treated and managed patients with blood cancer so in one sense, I was prepared, but in reality, one is never prepared for what the cancer journey entails. Jim initially responded well to treatment and autologous stem cell transplant, but relapsed two years after diagnosis.

Despite all of my knowledge, it still was such an emotional moment. The people at the Leukemia Research Foundation reached out to me with so much support, reinforcing my belief in this family of caring individuals.

Because of new medications developing from clinical trials, Jim and I were given almost two more years to enjoy our family and friends, participate in our children and grandchildren’s milestone events, and be grateful for the blessed life we had together.

I encourage you to join us in the efforts to fund new researchers through this race. Walk the 3K, run the 5K, and donate to a possibility of a cure for leukemia.”

What is Carol’s motto? Run happy.


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