Patient + Family Support

The stress that comes with a leukemia diagnosis can be overwhelming. Not only are you worried about the treatment and side effects, but you also have to deal with the high cost of cancer care, lost wages, and other added expenses.

Regardless of where you or your loved one are in the cancer journey, our free patient and family support services are here to help.



Access informational content to help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options so you know what questions to ask your healthcare team before and during treatment.


Education programs

Learn about various leukemia-related topics and connect with expert hematology/oncology physicians at our free annual conferences and webinars throughout the year.


Peer support

Connect with other patients and their loved ones experiencing a leukemia diagnosis through our online support community or one-on-one with a mentor.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance 

Receive a need-based grant through our Patient Grant Program to help with the financial burden of treatment. The program is limited to leukemia patients in Illinois or within 100 miles of Chicago.


Other helpful resources 

Find support beyond what we offer through our curated directory of helpful resources from other trustworthy organizations.