Patient Advisory Committee

The Patient Advisory Committee is made up of volunteers who have been diagnosed with leukemia or who have cared for a loved one with leukemia. Their purpose is to advise the Foundation on its patient and family support programs by giving feedback and sharing their needs as patients and caregivers. The Foundation uses their insights to improve or change its programs to best support patients and their loved ones.

Committee members

Committee members reside across the United States, representing a variety of diagnoses, genders, ages, stages of treatment, and more. The current members are listed below.

  • Stephen Brown, Pennsylvania
  • Seren Bruce, Oregon
  • James Calhoun, New York
  • Debra Dore, Illinois
  • Joe Garbarski, Illinois
  • Jill Glasser, South Carolina
  • Amy Harris, Tennessee
  • Tracy Kirchhoff, Illinois
  • Kristina Miller, Illinois
  • Barry Mortge, Illinois
  • Jennifer O'Connor, Illinois
  • Laurence Scher, Florida
  • Ana Vazquez, Illinois
  • Pam Wilson, Kansas
  • Michele Young, Illinois

Patient and family feedback

If you are a patient, survivor, or family member/caregiver of a patient and have feedback about the Leukemia Research Foundation's patient and family support programs or your needs, we'd love to hear it! Part of our mission is to provide necessary support services to leukemia patients and their families. We are dedicated to achieving this mission and strive to offer programs and services that best serve the leukemia community.

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