Medical Advisory Board

The Leukemia Research Foundation’s independent Medical Advisory Board is comprised of leading hematology/oncology experts from prominent medical research institutions. Members represent the spectrum of leukemia research from laboratory science to clinical oncology, making the Board well equipped to strategically guide our funding to have the greatest impact on patients.

The Medical Advisory Board invites proposals from pioneering scientists and clinical investigators positioned to make critical headway in leukemia research. After careful review of submitted proposals, the Medical Advisory Board makes its funding recommendations to the Leukemia Research Foundation.

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Message from the chair

With limited funding available to early-career researchers, the Leukemia Research Foundation plays a pivotal role in building the next generation of scientific leaders. Their grants give investigators the funds and freedom to pursue their greatest ideas, accelerating discoveries and sparking significant breakthroughs in leukemia research.

As a recipient of a research grant from the Leukemia Research Foundation in 2010, I am honored to now serve as the chair of their Medical Advisory Board. It’s humbling to collaborate with the brightest minds in the field to advance leukemia research and improve patients’ lives.

Justin Kline, MD
Medical Advisory Board Chair, Leukemia Research Foundation
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago Medicine
Associate Professor of Comprehensive Cancer Research Center, University of Chicago Medicine
Director - Lymphoma Program, University of Chicago Medicine