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Team Oliver: Keeping Oliver’s memory alive

Rebecca and Team Oliver have been an integral part of our annual walk/run for the past 14 years. We can vividly remember the first time we saw their team, and all the children, playing soccer and hanging out on blankets enjoying the music after the run. It was a beautiful sight to see so many families coming together to support the cause.

We have been honored to be a part of Oliver’s journey with leukemia. Team Oliver has been participating since 2010, the year of Oliver’s diagnosis. Knowing the seriousness of the situation, Oliver’s family looked for ways to be involved and contribute to the cause. Walking and running in our ABC7 Gibbons Run was how they chose to be a part of the cure.

Oliver was diagnosed with leukemia at the tender age of three, but that did not stop him or his family from showing up and being a part of our run/walk every single year. As a young child, Oliver loved kicking the soccer ball around with his brother and father. It was only natural that he would love participating in the run. At first, he rode in a wagon or stroller, then walked, and eventually ran it!

Despite facing personal struggles, Oliver had an unwavering spirit. He was proud to be able to participate and support a cause that could potentially help himself and other children like him. Oliver was a true inspiration to us all.

Sadly, Oliver lost his battle with leukemia just shortly after our run/walk on July 1, 2017. His legacy lives on through his family and the Team Oliver community. Even in his absence, he continues to motivate others to fight, raise funds and awareness, and stay together in his memory.

In 2022, Team Oliver had more than 75 members and raised over $10K for the Leukemia Research Foundation.

We consider it a great honor that Team Oliver joins us for each year for our annual event. Rest assured that we will never forget Oliver’s spirit. It will always inspire us to keep striving for a cure.


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