Steve Grimes Memorial Chapter

In the spring of 1998, while playing college baseball, Steve was diagnosed with leukemia. His battle was a difficult one with chemotherapy and total body radiation. Ultimately a successful bone marrow transplant took place in January 1999, which required multiple platelet infusions and included several graft versus host disease side effects. These battles were all overcome. It was this gift from God, matching bone marrow, that allowed us to enjoy Steve for almost twenty years. This illness, he had defeated, left unforeseeable damage that contributed to his early passing at the age of 38 years old in 2016.

Steve was a loving, faithful son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, and a great friend to many. Although many tears have been shed for Steve, these tears have been turned into a positive by the establishment of the Steve Grimes Memorial Chapter of the Leukemia Research Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri. His many friends and relatives continue to work hard to raise funds for research into a cure.